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Old 04-13-2018, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Scobo_24 View Post
The top line needs to get going. Im not worried about Stamkos.. he makes good defensive plays that makes a difference in his play overall. the kucherov empty net was a nice play by him. When he isnt scoring he is backchecking and doing a lot of the 'nonstat' things right. Kucherov is the only one that needs to step it up. No more fancy plays..just shoot and skate. I cringe when he stops moving and goes for some deke.
I noticed Kucherov a hell of a lot more than Stamkos last night (not a knock on Stammer). What I noticed was not a lot of fancy pantsing around the offensive blue line, shooting first, and playing low in the defensive zone, playing a 200 foot game and not hanging out high trying to look for the fast break.

I'm with Zeyk on the top line. They are going to draw all of the attention, so they are going to have far less time and space to work with than the Point or Cirelli lines. Of course, we saw that all Kuch needs is a sliver of space. One move, and the puck is in the net.

That was a textbook game. If they play like that the next few games, they have the opportunity to shorten the series, which is critical in the war of attrition.

Point's line was massive. If they are on the plus side of things as the primary shut down line, and the top line plays even, I'll take our chances with lines 3 and 4 and letting our depth carry us. Only Pittsburgh has our depth at forward.

I wanted Killorn and Johnson in Beast Mode and Palat scoring points. So far so good.

That said, we've only won 1 more game than Philly at this point. Still a long long ways to go.
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Old 04-17-2018, 02:32 PM
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Updates moved to general series thread on the NHL board
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