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Old 03-08-2008, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Bolthed View Post
Let's try not to forget that Boston was lambasted for that trade, and it pretty much set the franchise back, which you can certainly say for the Lightning too. And the motivation was the same for both - it wasn't working with the highly paid star, so the salary structure was blown up. The problem is that the Broons went out and spent heavily on two huge pieces of the puzzle, Savard and Chara. We'll see what the Lightning have in store, but the market seems a lot weaker. You could say we've already gone out and paid for our franchise defenseman, but there's no Savard to add to our core. If the Bolts are unwilling to pay for Langkow, I'd almost rather they not overspend on someone who isn't worth it and just strap themselves in for another rough season. If we end up with Stamkos and Tavares in training camp '09, I'm sure it will have been worth it.
The difference is Thornton was all they had at the time. The Lightning still have three "stars."
Well, heck, if Langkow wants $5-6 mil, they ain't gonna pay. But if somehow they could get him for four or five years between $4-4.5 he would fit. Just don't know how far his value would move up from $2.4.

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Old 03-08-2008, 05:18 PM
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While I've been one of the ones pimping the Langkow idea, I'm not sure I want him for four/five years. Unfortunately, that's probably what he wants.

And, here's another thought.... if Feaster actually signs Langkow AND makes good on his intention to resign Gratton, there just seems something unnerving about having Lecavalier, Gratton, and Langkow back in Tampa together.
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