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Old 02-05-2014, 09:24 AM
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The refs let a lot go last night. There should have been a penalty shot for Parise on the breakaway with hedman; he hit his hands once if not both times he put his stick on him. They grabbed just about everyone of our forwards and nothing got called. Killorn was assaulted close to rape in front of the net and he turned around and knocked the guy was nice to see. But would powerplay(s) made a difference? No...

Im having a real issue with Purcell; what exactly is his $4.5 million contract bringing this team. Puck entry and a deke at 1 mph? I feel like the only reason he has points is the linemates he is paired with.

Tweet of the night:
"when TB originally asked Purcell to shoot that promo, he passed on the opportunity."
Good riddance... I would rather play any of our rookies than this overpriced garbage.

Brown, Kucherov, Bishop, and Barberio were the only good ones last night.

And fyi Barberio played against the Parise line a lot last night...had many poke checks and defensive break ups.

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Old 02-05-2014, 12:18 PM
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Guess perhaps ol' Stephane knew it was coming? (Hence the extra little nastiness shown last nite)

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Old 02-05-2014, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by BurnTHalO View Post
Refs are human, they call the game differently.
Well, yeah, but I mean the same refs within the same game. No doubt TB got away with a few last night but they were also called for offenses which MIN was allowed to commit without punishment.
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Old 02-05-2014, 05:07 PM
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It kind of depends on how you want the game to be officiated. If you want every call then your gonna have a game with 30 minutes of power plays or do you want a game that has some grabbing and hooking but for the most part is left alone and not called. As long as the penalties aren't one sided, then I'd pick the second one personally.
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