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Old 02-24-2018, 06:46 PM
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Default Bolts @ Habs 2/24 7 pm

Haven't had time to check any updates of who's in/out
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Old 02-24-2018, 09:37 PM
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Gourde has to teach Stammer how to fight!

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Old 02-24-2018, 10:03 PM
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Another classic save from 88.
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Old 02-24-2018, 10:39 PM
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Since Callahan has been getting PP time has like 9 points in his last 14 games including 2 PPGs (well one was right after the PP expired) and a PPA. Looking like his old self out there, first shift made a brilliant pass to Vladdy, and later in game forced a 2 on 1 which started in their own zone. This is the Callahan I supported for all those years!

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Old 02-24-2018, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by ThePowerOfGlove View Post
Another classic save from 88.
Like some unholy cross between Carey Price and Dominik Hasek. Are were sure Vasiy wasn't grown in a lab somewhere?
S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-Stammermeter 2018-2019: 15
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Old 02-25-2018, 12:46 AM
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Baseball players do that shit with some regularity, but I've never seen that INTENTIONAL behind-the-back glove stuff from any goaltender.
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