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Old 05-25-2019, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by pete View Post
Yeah, Iím far more worried about Trump giving Barr carte blanche to selectively declassify information to stir up the rubes with this fever ďcoupĒ fantasy. Barrís already shown he has no compunction about misrepresenting facts to create a false narrative to try to protect Trump politically. Whatís worse is this time the sweeping discretion given to Barr will potentially burn bridges to key allied intelligence services like the UK and Australia in the process. Thatís right, boys and girls, cheap arms for the bone saw boys in Saudi Arabia but Australia? Weíre gonna treat the Australians like theyíre the real enemies. Itís nuts.

Like Iíve said, Bill Barr is the second biggest threat to American democracy today. Heís that big a dirtbag.
Yup. Big enemies are UK (Steele dossier) and Australia (Papadopu-boy drunkenly blabs to Aussie official) Yup. Two golden reasons to throw rocks at the Brits and Aussies while Putin-puppet master and criminal in Riyadh call the big bank shots. Makes perfect sense if you are a card carrying, first class narcissist.
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