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Old 10-22-2019, 12:16 PM
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I respectfully disagree to the well we won 7 rounds, got to the finals mentality.
My concern and should be the concern is as follows.

IN the last three years we led 3 games to 2 once against Pitt and then against Washington. Games 6 and 7 which included a home game of course we were no shows, got out muscled, beat in pretty much all aspects of the game. Our coach and coaching staff were not able to make adjustments outside of chewing the gum at a quicker pace. Playoffs are all about adjustments, teams and coaches for the opponents make those changes we do not.
Unequivocally we have had probably the most talented team in the NHL over the last few years.
FWIW: I was not convinced last year with the 62 wins that we were playoff ready. We were doing it with what I have called since my youth Pond Hockey/River Hockey game after game. I complained about the lack of a structured D and loose play going East / West versus the required North South of the playoffs. I felt that a team like the Jackets, Caps, Bruins might exploit that weakness come the playoffs. Surely I did not anticipate the sweep till after the first game when they blew the 3 - 0 lead to Torts. The second season had arrived our coach stood at the podium looked stunned and came back game 2 with Rutta...... My god who would do that. Jackets where physical we desperately needed a Coburn in the lineup but no the COACH played Rutter again. Before game 2 I sensed we were done and once again inept coaching was IMO the main culprit.

This year I really don't care about winning 60+ games. Get the 48-52 to the dance but play structured North / South hockey..... So far what I've seen is the same old, no D coverage at the net, lot's of dipsy doodle passing and against the better teams a recipe for disaster. Compounded by the fact we still like to only play 30-40 minutes a night and expect a different result from past years.

The PK is awful this year, maybe we really miss the dump truck in action. Our "D" with Shattenkirk in place of Stralhman is not a good change out defensively.
Sergachev and Cernak have not made head way on the "D" side of the puck. But that would lead to this question - what "D" player has this coaching staff developed outside of everyone's #1 pick Hedman. Coaching, Coaching and Coaching IMO is the issue. Until the team respects the 60 minute game and plays with a concise defensive scheme we will always be the close no cigar team.

Yes, true panic will set in mid November if the same issues persist. But hell I can go back to 2014 and replay an after game interview and hear the same comments - "We need to play 60", "our 'D' coverage was not what it needed to be, "Our passing led to too many turnovers ...... on and on.

Come November 2019 I'll revisit for now - we have the same problems which will lead to the same somber results come the real season. Now is the time to correct those problems. Do they have the Coaching and player leadership/buy in to do so will know soon enough.
The journey starts
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Old 10-22-2019, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by gphockey View Post
So, to me, any player on this roster is fair game to be traded as long as the return brings a cup to Tampa.
Even Kuch or Stammer? To my eyes they may be the most culpable of this roster as far as egregious mistakes.
Every game starts 5 on 5.
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Old 10-22-2019, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by goldenbolt View Post
Our coach and coaching staff were not able to make adjustments outside of chewing the gum at a quicker pace.

Originally Posted by 5on5original View Post
Even Kuch or Stammer? To my eyes they may be the most culpable of this roster as far as egregious mistakes.
I've never thought Stamkos was Captain material.
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