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Old 03-02-2018, 12:55 AM
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Cory Freakin Conacher! We won the Bishop trade twice!! What amazing presence of mind, not to mention eye-hand coordination, to get the blade on that puck.

Did anyone else notice that dirty S.O.B. Jamie Benn knee Conacher in the head after tripping him AND then piling on top of the kid in frustration when he realized he gave up the GWG? I wish the league would take a look at that bullshit, but the boys in Toronto are too busy stumblefucking the goaltender interference rules.

Erlendsson called this a scheduled loss a coupla days ago. He also thought the Bolts would "be on an emotional high and roll the Sabres." Ha! Stick to reporting and stay out of the predictions business, EE!

On the negative side, we've got blueline problems that I'm not sure McDonagh can solve by himself (although I am super excited to see an upgrade back there after watching this bunch for so long). Stralman made some bad mistakes. Dallas tilted the ice a ton, especially in the last period. Blame the back to back if you want, but I've yet to see the Lightning close out games or even limit shots and chances with any consistency. These are major festering sores that desperately need a salve.
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