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Old 09-16-2020, 10:15 AM
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Lightning will rebound. This is not the team of past. Team D was very good again. As fans our expectations are often unrealistic. Lightning are 11-4 in these play offs. As much as many would like to see Cooper go if Lightning doníf win the Cup, just not happening. IMO the NHL does itself a real disservice keeping fans in dark about player injuries. Letís be real, hockey is entertainment and all the secrecy just leads to speculation and distrust.
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Old 09-16-2020, 10:28 AM
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So I'm frustrated that we are going to Game 6, but I'm not sure I'm that discouraged. We have outplayed the Isles every game this series. If we out play them, I like the odds we win 1 out of 3 games. And honestly, we should, we have a lot more talent than them (even without Point and Stamkos).
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Old 09-16-2020, 10:57 AM
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Completely depends on the injury to Point whether you risk it and send him out there again. If he tweaks something you're down a man for the game and your Conn Smythe candidate for the rest of the way.
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Old 09-16-2020, 11:05 AM
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I'm a bit nervous but for the Islanders to win those 2 games basically everything had to go right for them and get a mistake at the end. We were able to win a close one in Game 2 just gotta do it again if it comes to that.
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