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Old 02-20-2013, 08:07 AM
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For all the grief Malone gets, he has created a hole that hasn't been filled. The power play hasn't been as effective without him being in front of the net. They've tried moving Vinny back up to the first line and last night it was Killorn. Moving Vinny keeps the second unit from being as effective.

I would like to see the Panik attack get some more regular playing time with regular line mates. Last night he was in all sorts of combinations. There were the two rushes when he looked like a player ready to step up. Other times, he made quick passes before he had to, and those passes had no purpose.

I think when Malone comes back, Panik goes down. He looks like he has a lot of potential, but he hasn't steped up like Cory or Alex. But he hasn't been given the same opportunity either.
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