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Old 09-07-2017, 06:35 PM
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Default Cap Classic Fantasy Hockey League

Greetings all,

About a year ago, I joined a fantasy hockey league on a website called Fantrax. After playing an entire season, I was delighted to see how much more in-depth the league has the capability of being over traditional Yahoo or ESPN leagues.

Anyway, a friend, and fellow BP member (Acehawk74) and I are starting a new league on Fantrax and are looking for members. Here's the rundown:

This is a full team salary cap dynasty league. What does that mean?

In this league, your entire team persists from year to year, and you keep players based on their real NHL-contract lengths. You have to manage your team from a salary-perspective and adhere to the league-wide salary cap.

In addition, you will have a "minor league" team. How is this implemented? Fantrax has almost every prospect who is of NHL-entry draft age (or older) available. Each year, our league will have an entry draft where the next class of players is drafted (for example, this year we will draft the Patrick/Hischier class). These players don't count toward your weekly scoring if they're "in the minors". They only count if they are on your main roster and in the NHL in real life. The fun part here is getting to build the future of your organization through the draft, college FAs, etc.

Scoring: I will only briefly touch on this here, but more detailed information will be available for those who join. Our scoring system is based on "fantasy points". Different actions are worth different numbers of fantasy points. For example, for a regular skater, a goal is worth two points, an assist 1.5, etc. We track and score for a number of stats including: Goals, Assists, Faceoff wins, Blocked Shots, Hits, Shots on goal, Giveaways, Takeaways, and more! Each week, your team will face another team, and the team with the most total fantasy points across all categories earns a "W". The teams with the most season points (based on W/L record like in real NHL) will square off in the playoffs and compete for the "Cap Classic Cup".

This is meant to be an in-depth and difficult league. Why am I saying this? What does this mean to you?

Well, for starters, we are looking for GMs who are intent on playing year-to-year, planning their team and managing their assets with the long-term success of their organization in mind. This type of league doesn't work if teams are changing management year after year.

Beyond that, think about typical fantasy leagues. Player not performing well or tired of having him? Just drop him, right? Wrong. This is a salary-cap dynasty league. If you want to get rid of a player, but he is under contract, you have to buy him out. There is no "get out of jail free" card. You have to think your acquisitions through and live with the consequences. More details on player transactions will obviously be available to those who join.

This is our inaugural season. Get in on the ground floor right now. Team name availability is on a first-come first-serve basis. To keep things looking professional/NHL-style, teams need to be named based off a real-NHL team. Defunct teams are OK (Atlanta Trashers, Hartford Whalers, etc). This is unlike your typical fantasy experience, it is so much more! I hope some of you are in!

If you think this is something that sounds interesting or fun to you, and you think you want to join, please feel free to reply here with questions, or send me a private message with your email address (and desired team name) and I will be happy to send you an invite.

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Old 09-13-2017, 03:46 PM
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So with some of the Florida chaos dying down, thought I'd bump this up again. I'm definitely in, this sounds awesome.
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Old 09-14-2017, 10:24 AM
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Hey guys, just providing an update.

We filled up half our open spots so far, we have a maximum of 8 spots left.

Feel free to PM me on these boards, or send an email to :

Let me know what team name you want, and I will send you an invite.

These teams have been taken so far:

Tampa Bay Lightning
Minnesota Wild
Columbus Blue Jackets
Los Angeles Kings
Pittsburgh Penguins
Detroit Red Wings
St. Louis Blues
Las Vegas Golden Knights
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