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Old 02-24-2014, 03:55 PM
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That rule really changes nothing at all. You very rarely see a baserunner intentionally go out of his way to make contact with the catcher. If the catcher is directly covering the plate then the runner still can run over the catcher so that's basically the same.

The other part of the rule sucks a bit from a Rays fan perspective. If there is one thing Jose Molina does well is block the plate and he tends to do it sometimes before he has ball possession but other then that it still isn't very different then it was in previous seasons.

I'd have liked to see a rule to accommodate position players blocking the plates. In the probably 800 to 1000 games I watch a season (I know I like baseball too much ) I see way more injuries caused by a second baseman or shortstop blocking second base with their foot while a guys is trying to steal second then home plate collisions. Players are taught to go head first into second when stealing so if your fingers get blocked by an infielders foot then there's a good chance you'll break a finger or it'll get jammed.
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