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Old 04-19-2014, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Top Shelf View Post
Come on, unwad those things ww. You know as well as anyone the rules are intentionally left on the vague side to give the refs and players some degree of leeway, since they're human and not automatons. What about scrums after the whistle--you do know the rulebook forbids all that facewashing and holding and punching and delaying the game, right? You know there's also a rule against using profanity in the rink. So you're saying you want to see guys filling up the box, basically 3-on-3 hockey all night every night, because guys say fuck every five seconds? Why not? It's a RULE! Rules are rules!! Outside of hockey, there are speed limits on the road. You're saying you actually want cops to bust people for doing 67 in a 65? Why not? Why have RULES if you aren't going to follow those RULES, bwah! Ve must follow ze RULES!!

That's just three examples out of dozens I could cite where iron-fisted adherence to rules DOESN'T WORK. So the legitimate discussion continues to be about consistency from game to game, team to team, period to period, infraction to infraction and ref to ref. They can strive for it all they want but they'll never achieve it.

We can agree to disagree as there are two strong schools of thought on the subject. But IMO the legions of purists have the right idea who do not believe it's reasonable to expect games to be called the same in 3OT of Game 7 of the Cup Final as in Period 1 of an October game. In the latter, you're trying to set a tone, define your own interpretation of some parameters as a ref, do some teaching. In the playoffs, it's not the time for that. They've passed their exams for K-12 and earned their way to the big stage where the game really matters, and the adults are pouring out their hearts and souls and blood deciding who's going to live their lifelong dream. They need disciplinary correction IMO only when they obviously step way over the line, like a Seabrook--or even an Andreychuk with 20 seconds left in Game 7 when he blatantly, stupidly and right in front of the ref DARED him to call tripping. Not borderline, not questionable or open to interpretation. Don't teach at this time, make the calls you absolutely MUST to maintain professional integrity, is all I'm saying. And this is not only what happens to be my personal preference as just another fan, but also the unwritten code that has been actually followed in customary practice for over a century...probably because the professionals who run the league, play in it and officiate it want it that way, but maybe for some other reason
Please, we are talking a game. What use are the rules if you are looking right at a play, what a trip or a hold and then look the other way. Those are the plays I am talking about.

And for the record the administrators give you 4 mph because not all speedometers are accurate. Most LEO's write at 15 over.
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Old 04-20-2014, 12:42 AM
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Easter morning, perfect time for some syrup with that waffle
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Old 04-20-2014, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by pete View Post
If you guys can't see marked improvement between the brain dead turnover-fest that was Game One and the much tighter checking Game Two performance, I don't know what to tell you. The Canadiens got as many scoring chances in a period in Game One as they got all game in Game Two. Exhibit A was Victor Hedman, who went from looking like crap on whole wheat toast in Game One to looking like himself in Game Two.

Do we really, as a fan base, not remember 2002-2003, which is the closest analogy to this team? Do you not remember how that team got absolutely pounded by Washington in the first two games at home, won a squeaker in Game Three in OT, and never looked back from there? Or, are some people too distracted by the pain of their ankles snapping from hurling themselves off the bandwagon so quickly?

It's been 17 fucking years I've been posting about the Lightning on these Message Boards. I would've thought people in this fan base would've gained a little bit of maturity and fortitude in that time, and that people wouldn't get a case of the brown runnies everytime the team hits a bump in the road. Act like you've been here before, people, because this franchise has.

Show some goddamned swagger, already.
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Old 04-20-2014, 11:46 AM
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I'll throw in my applause to that, too.

With the caveat that the 2003 team had Khabi, and we've got Lindback. But it can be done!
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