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Old 12-18-2013, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Top Shelf View Post
Got sure to apply that standard fairly & evenly at all times now.
I'll be sure to keep it... 'Fair and Balanced'.
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Old 12-18-2013, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by 5on5original View Post
Well, certainly no one expected the impact to be minimal, but has the impact been more or less than people expected since Stamkos was injured. Lots of folks have opinions and I'd like to share mine.

The Lightning were 12-4-0 after the Bruins game when SS went down. The team had earned 75% of all the points available to them up to that point. That was terrific, but it would have been surprising to keep that pace up (120+ points over an 82-game season) EVEN WITH Stamkos in the lineup. The fact that it didn't continue at that pace with his absence can not shock anyone.

So in the 18 games since he went down the team has a record of 8-7-3 which equates to 53% of all possible points available. Granted such percentages are totally out of whack with reality, with the asinine 3-point games from OT and SO. but we're stuck with THAT it seems.

The team has not fallen off the face of the earth, even if we're closer to it. The net result as of today is that the Lightning have a record of 20-11-3 which represents 63% of all the points available.

So where does that put them in the playoff picture. One way to look at it is "what is the cushion in points needed to make the playoffs?". On the day SS went down the Lightning were in 1st place and now they aren't but their actual cushion has increased. On Nov 11 there was a 6-point cushion over the highest team NOT in the virtual playoff, whereas now there is a 9-point cushion over the Flyers.

All things considered, even with some of the giveaway losses it seems they've had, and the roster fluctuations that have followed Stammers injury, the Lightning are earning the points they need. I can't wait for the team to get healthy again, even if they don't earn 75% of the points available.
I think we also need to remember that for some of the games Stammer has been out we also were without Gudas and/or Hedman among other lesser players (Malone for instance). Those a big minutes and key dmen. They are clearly a borderline team without these guns but so many have had to step up and get experience out of their comfort zone. Coop has learned about the team and who works with whom. We've learned that Kucherov will be a stud when he is fully ready. We've learned that Johnson and Palat can play above the 3rd line. All of this should be of benefit when we get back Heddy and then Stammer.

The future is bright and I don't think the future is too far away at all.
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Old 12-19-2013, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Derek28 View Post
Some of yall's fourth lines are way too soft for the NHL haha. But really the first guy to be sent down and this will happen in the next couple week or two will be Tyrell since he can't play 10 games in the NHL without going back on waivers and I don't think the bolts want to risk losing him since he can help Syracuse later in the year.
That will give us 12 forwards. When Pyatt and Malone come back we will have 14 forwards meaning Taormina will be sent down and we'll go with 14F/7D till Stamkos/Aulie returns.
IF Malone comes back...frankly does anyone but his family miss seeing him? He's a willing warrior and effective battler in front, but he's never THERE because he's so often injured, which makes it nearly impossible to move him for a quality asset....or does it?
Once they get healthy I think 2/3 of Panik, Brown, or Kucherov will be sent down. The Lightning will keep the one that will help the most
Bet I can guess which one THAT'LL be...not naming any names but it sort of rhymes with "Douche 'er off"...
Originally Posted by goldenbolt View Post
That would be music to my ears it [the shootout] has turned a game into a side show of skill's competition. I relate this to having a home run derby decide a baseball game, or a kick, throw and punt in football to decide a game's outcome.
A growing number of NHL GMs agree with you.
"Malones caphit is $4.5million but he's only getting $2million in actual salary, which is more in line with what he brings when not injured...I think he stays and when healthy can play a huge roll come the second half and in the playoffs. We lack body size and he can be that asset when it counts.
Yes but when he throws his body around it gets hurt
Originally Posted by the_narrow_way View Post
I'll be sure to keep it... 'Fair and Balanced'.
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