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Old 03-02-2013, 01:33 PM
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Purcell of Boucher's first season is the player I'm comparing Purcell of now to. I don't see Purcell hustling often, that's my biggest problem with him. I think that's a big factor in him being so streaky as mustang pointed out.

I see Hedman get us into the zone on the PP most consistently, I'd like to see him get more time on it.

I if saw Brad Richards consistently taking most of the games off, I'd say he was a bad player too. I was never down on Brad Richards though, even when he had third and fourth liners on his wings after seasons after signing that big contract, because most often I saw him busting his ass while he was on our team.

The main reason I've been on the dump Purcell and promote Killorn soapbox is we've had way too many games this season where the team doesn't remotely play hard for 60 minutes. How many times have we watched them only show up in the third period. not even the entire third period? The NY game showed it's getting worse and can probably get worse still.

I think we need to get rid of the players who are the most consistent offenders to change the team culture where this has obviously become acceptable. If I'm wrong and Purcell's not one of them, who is?

Or is the a better way to eliminate this mentality where it's OK to only play hard for the third period?
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Old 03-02-2013, 02:22 PM
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He's got elite offensive talent, but tends to really impact games with it only one out of every three or four games (despite being a regular on 91's line and the first PP unit). The rest of his game is either average (defense) or non-existent (physicality), and he can disappear sometimes. One dimensional guys like that always draw the ire of fans when the whole team's slumping.

I do think there's another gear he can hit - specifically consistency-wise and as a sniper rather than just a playmaker. 16's got a wicked shot, would love to see him use it a little more often.

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