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Old 06-24-2011, 12:43 PM
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Default The Top 10 Scorers in the NHL Today

Hello all,

In lieu of completing a decade of hockey (2000-2001 through 2010-2011, omitting the lockout year), I (in my offseason boredom) decided to compile a list of the top 10 highest scoring players in the NHL during that span. In addition, in an interest to see the difference a five-year span can make, I also compiled a list of the top 10 scorers from the past half-decade. It's interesting to see how drastically different those two lists are. I figured a lot of you here on this site would enjoy this so I decided to share it.

A disclaimer:

I compiled these lists completely by hand (using the statistics provided on, therefore, there is certainly room for error. While I believe the numbers are correct, it is entirely possible that I have overlooked a player or miscalculated his statistics. However, I do believe that this is accurate.

If any of you happen to notice a mistake or omission, please bring it to my attention and I will do my best to correct it.

That said, I hope you all are able to get some level of enjoyment from this, so without further ado, the top 10 point-getters from the past decade (00-01 through 10-11) are:

#10 Patrick Elias - 682
In the past decade, as well as his entire career, Patrick has played in the NHL wearing but one jersey, and that is of the New Jersey Devils. In his time there, he has seen a lot of players come and go, spanning the Arnott/Mogilny/Sykora days to the Parise/Zajac/Kovalchuk days, Elias (and his 682 points) have been a layer of cohesiveness that the Devils are surely glad to have had on their side.

#9 Dany Heatley - 689
Dany, unlike Elias, is a much traveled player having played in three separate corners of the continent our league calls home. In 669 games played with the Thrashers, Senators, and Sharks, Dany Heatley's 689 points are good enough to be called the 9th highest scoring player in the NHL over the past decade.

#8 Vincent Lecavalier - 698
A player we are all very familiar with lands himself the #8 spot on this list. Like Elias, Vincent has played his entire career with just one NHL franchise, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Having endured several ups and downs in the rollercoaster ride that is the history of his franchise, Lecavalier has left his mark on all sorts of various franchise records in Tampa Bay. His 698 points in the past ten years make him the 8th highest scoring player in our game.

#7 Ilya Kovalchuk - 702
Another player we, as Tampa fans, are all-to-familiar with is Ilya Kovalchuk. Ilya is a player who spent the vast majority of his career thus far carrying the weight of the Atlanta Thrashers franchise on his shoulders, and encompassing just about every franchise scoring record there is in his time there. Kovalchuk has, however, moved on to a new chapter in his career and it now appears that, "As goes Kovalchuk, so go the Thrashers." Kovalchuk's 702 points make him the 7th highest scoring player of the last ten years.

#6 Brad Richards - 710
Another star whose career exploded out of the Southeast Division, Richards is one of the premier passers in the game today. Through tenures with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars, he has amassed 710 points in the past ten years. His place on this list is exactly what will make him such a sought-after commodity in this year's free agent market and is exactly what has us, as Tampa Bay fans, wishing and hoping that Brad will come "home."

#5 Marian Hossa - 740
A player whose recent career path can be summed up as "Cup-chasing", Marian Hossa seems to have finally found himself a home in Chicago. Having spent time on many teams (Atlanta, Ottawa, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago), Marian is considered one of the best snipers in the game and his 740 points are a testament to just that.

#4 Daniel Alfredsson - 754
A player whose age is certainly starting to show, Daniel is probably putting the finishing touches on what has been an outstanding career with the Ottawa Senators with his current contract. Having amassed all of his points with the Senators, Alfredsson will very likely find his jersey retired there once he hangs up his skates.

#3 Martin St. Louis - 758
"Louie, Louie." Martin St. Louis is often times referred to as the "heart and soul" of the Tampa Bay Lightning. As Tampa's "iron man" and most consistent point-producer, it is easy to see where he gets that title from. Special congratulations go to Marty, the undrafted undersized winger in Tampa Bay, who finds himself the 3rd highest scoring player in the NHL over the past decade.

#2 Joe Thorton - 806
Similar to Brad Richards, Joe is considered one of, if not the, best playmaking center in the game of hockey today. "Jumbo Joe" has played for two teams in his career, the Boston Bruins and the San Jose Sharks, and has had remarkable success with both. Having just resigned with the Sharks for three more years, its clear to see the one thing Joe still searches for is the elusive Stanley Cup and if there were ever a player to help San Jose get there, it is probably the NHL's second highest scoring player today.

#1 Jarome Iginla - 810
Year in and year out, one thing never changes in Calgary: Jarome Iginla will score - a lot. With 67 points being the lowest amount of the past decade for the Calgary Captain, Jarome Iginla is arguably the game's most consistent scorer still playing today. While he may not be a fan favorite here in Tampa Bay, its hard to dismiss the fact that he is the number one highest scoring player in the NHL over the past ten years. Congratulations to Jarome Iginla.


The Top 10 Scorers of the Past 5 Years

#10 - Dany Heatley - 405
Dropping from his #9 spot overall in the decade, Dany Heatley has remained a prominent scoring winter over the past five years. Playing alongside the likes of Joe Thorton and Patrick Marleau certainly doesn't hurt his numbers, either.

#9 - Pavel Datsyuk - 410
A newcomer to the list (vs. the 10 year version), Datsyuk has been one of the key cogs in the new era of the "Detroit machine." Detroit has more than got their money's worth from this diamond in the rough. Coming out of the 6th round of the NHL entry draft, Datsyuk has been a scoring machine for the Wings for 9 years, and probably will continue to be for some time to come. Pavel's decade total: 651 (9 seasons)

#8 - Evgeni Malkin - 418
One of a pair of young superstars boasted by the Pittsburgh Penguins, Malkin is one of the premier offensive powerhouses in the game today. Injuries have certainly troubled the young Russian recently, though Pittsburgh certainly hopes Evgeni can return to the form that saw him get 85, 106, and 113 points in his first three seasons in the NHL, respectively. Having played in only five seasons, Evgeni's 5 and 10 year totals are the same.

#7 - Daniel Sedin - 429
Daniel is one of the infamous Sedin twins, the superstar identical twin brothers boasted by the first line of the Vancouver Canucks. Daniel is the one who tends to be regarded as the "goal-scorer" of the duo. The fact that 429 of Daniel's 651 points have come in the past 5 years is evidence to the "coming-out" party that the brother's have had in that span, in terms of their offensive production.

#6 - Jarome Iginla - 436
With roughly half of his decade total tied up in the past five years, it's easy to see exactly what makes Iginla such a valuable member to the Calgary Flames. While Jarome hasn't necessarily put up outlandish numbers in any one season, he has been one of the most consistent players in the game, year in and year out for the past ten years, and the most recent five haven't changed that.

#5 - Henrik Sedin - 445
The mastermind playmaker behind the twin's success is Henrik. In league with Brad Richards and Joe Thorton in terms of playmaking ability, Henrik is one of the premier passers in the game. Scoring 445 of his 666 points (in the decade) over the past five seasons, Henrik (and his brother) is still young and likely has his best years ahead of him, which certainly has the Canucks excited about the future of their team.

#4 - Joe Thorton - 455
While "Jumbo Joe" may not be putting up 114 or 125 points a season anymore, he is still certainly one of the best offensive forces in the game. With the ability to take over the ice at any time, Joe is one of those players who can dictate the game with his keen passing ability.

#3 - Martin St. Louis - 458
A familiar spot for our "heart and soul", coming in at third on both the decade and half-decade lists. Every year, Marty, rather than getting slower, seems to get faster and better with age. In 2010-2011, St. Louis put up 99 points, good for 2nd in the NHL, showing that he certainly still has it in him.

#2 - Sidney Crosby - 470
#1 - Alexander Ovechkin - 508
While neither of the top two spots are much of a surprise to anyone, there's no denying what they've accomplished in just six short years of NHL experience. Both #1 overall picks, these two superstars came into the NHL in the same year, due to the '03-'04 lockout, automatically setting the stage for their rivalry. Their rivalry is nothing short of legendary (thank you very much & rest of the Canadian media) with each player constantly raising the level of his game to match and surpass the other. Sometimes its easy to forget how young these two still are, but there's no denying the talent and future they each have in the league with their respective teams. I imagine ten seasons from now, if I were to recompile this list, there's a solid chance these guys will be #1 and #2 on it again, though there's no way to tell for sure. Regardless, the league is lucky to have each of them playing and we, as fans, should appreciate the level of entertainment they can bring to a game at any moment. Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are the two highest scoring players of the last five years.

- Xaej

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Old 06-24-2011, 02:25 PM
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Good read, and Alfredsson in particular surprised me.
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Old 06-24-2011, 02:45 PM
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Kind of interesting for as much as the SE gets railed, 6 of the top 10 resided at one pointor another in our division.
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Old 06-24-2011, 02:48 PM
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And 2 of the top 10 are still there
Gudas Priest
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Old 06-24-2011, 03:54 PM
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3 Bolts on the list.

Well.. soon to be 3...
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Old 06-25-2011, 07:16 AM
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Mortified at the #1 spot. R U sure that's correct?

Jarome, Jarome, the friendly GHOST...disappeared when it mattered MOST. Heheheh.

Good compilation xaej
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Old 06-25-2011, 09:08 AM
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The scary thing, is that Jagr is only 41 points out of 10th place, and he didn't play the last 3 years.

If he played those 3 years and only averaged 70 points a season, he'd be 41 ahead of Iginla.
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Old 06-27-2011, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Top Shelf View Post
Mortified at the #1 spot. R U sure that's correct?

Jarome, Jarome, the friendly GHOST...disappeared when it mattered MOST. Heheheh.

Good compilation xaej

And yeah, lol, I was a bit surprised when I discovered Iginla was #1 as well, particularly with the criticism he seems to receive every year and the trade rumors and whatnot. I honestly thought Thorton had it in the bag.

I'll hopefully be getting the top 5 on here sometime today. Sorry for the delay, my boss is on vacation so I've been in charge of our store and putting in a lot of hours. I've got the list written up, its just a matter of getting it on here.
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Old 06-27-2011, 09:41 PM
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Hey guys, updated the list with the 5 year version.
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