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Originally Posted by Hoek View Post
I would just say the direction of the GOP is pretty clear ever since Trump beat out the crowd in 2016. Moderates have been cast aside and the wagons have circled to the point where basically all the Republican primary campaign ads in Florida that I've seen are all about who is the biggest Trump lover because they are so desperately afraid of not being perceived as one by the base. There doesn't seem to be any push back left. It's going to be hard to reverse the perception of racism when the embrace is that tight.
Kind of shortsighted Hoek. Trump won the nomination in 2016 not because those that voted for him thought he was greatest thing since slice bread. Clearly he is not, and not even close. People voted for him because he took those he was running against and played the role that he would change Washington while pointing out that his opponents were all tied to Washington.

The Florida ads are all trying to get the voters to think that those running for office are outsiders, just like Trump. Look no further than Adam Putnam. He is the worst kind on person we could have for governor.

Now many here will claim this as I am voting for DeSantis. Sorry to pop your balloon, but I will wait to see who the democrat is running for governor is before make up my mind. And if need be, I will for the first time not cast a vote for governor, just like I did not for President.