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Officials make mistakes. However this has gone way beyond mistakes. We have seen a couple of series decided by official errors costing teams millions of dollars. And again, this doesn’t even discuss the unofficial rule changes implemented by the league or officials.

The NFL had a similar situation occur during their playoffs. It was one mistake and was somewhat addressed.

Fans have always questioned the bias of officials. However, we are now at a point where players and management are openly questioning the integrity of the game. The league not only doesn’t address it, but they hide from the situation. (Other than fining the players who are critical of officials). Add that to the NHL entering into an agreement with MGM to share information with casinos and the fact that San Jose and Boston have been the beneficiaries of these repeated errors. The league on the edge of moving to a very dangerous situation that threatens the very future of the game.

Better officials would be an obvious start. But one would think the league would already be trying to do that. Making officials meet the press after a game would be a way to make them more accountable. Having the league acknowledge errors is another. But it may take something more radical like removing the referees from the ice or having one referee and an off ice official.

I haven’t been watching, because I think the league has become a joke. I’m this far away from walking away from my season tickets.
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