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Originally Posted by SmittyFan1 View Post
I would love to trade ESPN for TSN, I hate ESPN with all of my being. A network that uses Barry Melrose has to suck for air.
TSN's draft coverage is always a joke. It feels so hokey. They also struggle to show skills in highlight clips. Instead, they just focus on scoring and guys raising their arms in rejoicin.

Don't get me wrong though -- while I have issues with TSN's productions, I have long since sworn off Teh Mouseā„¢ owned ESPN. While I used to watch it religiously daily during the 1990's, the coverage has gone so junk (as well as some of the telecasts) that it's not worth it anymore. I hate the idea that some people believe ESPN should hold cable rights to the NHL. That would be a disaster in tryign to "grow the game".
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