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Originally Posted by Donnie D View Post
They all haven't all been busts. DeAngelo looks like he has grown up and will be a real good defenseman. Hajek will be a second pair guy for a number of years.

We don’t know what Koekkoek would have become without the injuries. And Dotchin had the ability to be a late round steal.
We are talking 10 years of drafts and not one homegrown talent.
DeAngelo - still not sold that was a #1 pick with head issues
Koekkoe - #1 pick with huge injuries before the draft.
Dotchin - really?

I had two points #1 Our drafts of "D" have been awful for the last 10 years.
Second point we have yet to develop a single "D" player to be useful for us.

Outside of Hedman who is a pure offensive "D" man we have nothing to show.

We look year after year to find "D" and Power forwards come trade deadline.
We can sure find the smurfs by the bucket but anything of solid size and/or D skill we've got NADA......

Go Bolts
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