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Default BP Message Board -- Upgrade to vBulletin v3.7.x

Just a quick note to everyone that today (June 28), the BP Message Board software (vBulletin) was upgrade from the 3.6.x series to the 3.7.x series. If you notice anything squirrely or missing or "just not right", please reply in this thread or shoot me a PM.

There are some new board features at some of you may be interested in. A complete list of new/changed stuff can be found at:

Posters can now add a prefix to threads that they create. Prefixes are admin defined, so let me know if there is a prefix you need.

Threads can now be tagged with keywords and the site has a tag cloud feature. Hopefully the community will use tags when creating threads to improve searching.

The new version also has some improved social networking capabilities allowing users to create social groups and invite other users to their group. Wonder how long before we see the creation of a Gary Roberts Hater Club?

Note that I have disabled the user album creation/storage feature. It's new, but I'm not eat my server's hard drive space with images. There are other free places on the Internet to store your images. Sorry.

If there's any questions about new features, or if something's not switched on or functional like you would like it to be, let me know and I'll look into it.

For now... enjoy your member supported BoltProspects Message Board.
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