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Originally Posted by Sotnos View Post
He's in the ref's dog house with no sign of being let out of it. If anyone's worthy of being called a penalty magnet, it's Arty, whether it's his fault or not.
By that definition, the actual number of penalty minutes still applies. My point was, there are quite a few guys in the penalty box more than Arty was.

Originally Posted by Hoek View Post
Yeah that's the thing. His reputation has totally destroyed his ability to play the game without ending up in the box for some total garbage reason. Maybe the refs out west won't know who he is and treat him better.

So penalty magnet applies, but I wouldn't use it in a manner critical of him. Just unfortunate.
I can understand your point, but IMO, that's not a worthy reason to trade him. There were plenty of times where he was actually allowed to play his game and he was quite effective(unlike some, I believe it was more than 10 games). Of course, there were many times he had bogus calls made against him, but as pointed out, it wasn't necessarily his fault so I choose not to hold that against him.
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