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Originally Posted by Sotnos View Post
Yes I can see you've gotten content picked up by some major outlets, that must be exciting!

I'll echo Patrick, none of our locals beat writers were at camp it seems, so the footage is definitely appreciated. Though the way our local papers are laying off people I guess we shouldn't be surprised...

Not sure how much of camp you went to, but do you have any other thoughts about our kids? Who impressed or failed to impress?
I saw both on-ice sessions and the scrimmage on Tuesday.

Ty Wishart, Justin Courtnall, Mitch Fadden, and of course Steven Stamkos were the cream of the crop on Tuesday for sure.

Wishart was a stalwart on the back end, seemed very comfortable with the puck on his stick, and was also quite mobile. After watching him play, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he made the big club this season. Coach Melrose also singled him out as one of the top performers in Tuesday's scrimmage, when he scored the game winning goal with a screened wrist shot from the point.

Courtnall really surprised me. I wasn't expecting much out of him being a 7th round pick, but he was definitely one of the most effective players on the ice. He possesses a big frame, and he certainly knows how to use it in the offensive zone. He's great along the boards protecting the puck, and isn't afraid to go into the dirty areas to create a scoring chance. I can definitely see him becoming a good two-way player down the road.

Quite simply, Fadden's got speed. He played alongside Stamkos in the scrimmage and they seemed to be developing some pretty good chemistry. Fadden was one of the only players who was able to keep up with Stamkos on the rush. In regards to skating, there isn't much to separate Stammer and Fadden. He too wasn't afraid to get his nose dirty, and as a result, was able to create many scoring chances.

As for someone who failed to impress, I'd have to go with Riku Helenius. He let in two weak goals and I really didn't see as much from him as I would have liked, being a pretty high draft pick a few years back.
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