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So, after watching the season finale of Picard...

Recall when I first started posting about this I said that part of this season was about trying to slap some lipstick on the pig of a move that was Star Trek Nemesis. I can honestly say that in so far as that mission goes, this finale checked that box. They gave Data's story/life a fitting conclusion. Period. Full stop. That's no small thing given what a shit stain of a movie Nemesis was, so I'm at peace with the season in that context.

I don't feel like the show did a whole lot of profound things beyond that, but that's ok. Some of the best Star Trek episodes have always been the ones that are really about character evolution rather than advancing some grander in-universe storyline. So, cool.

It's not what I would've done. But, what I would've done would've treated Nemesis like Star Trek V (i.e. "it never happened") and that wouldn't have necessarily done justice to the Data character. So, it's cool. We'll see if something broader in scope and more profound comes out of Season Two.
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