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I found Episode 9 disappointing. After 3-4 really good episodes that led me to believe this series was really hitting its stride this one just went flat as a pancake the second they made it to Synth Village.

Lots of plot holes that can only be filled by twists in the finale and likely will never be filled. A very predictable turn of the androids versus the organics that's been done over and over and over again in sci fi (Battlestar Galactica says hi, and was better written led by DS9 alum Ron Moore btw). And, a season finale teased as giant space battle SFX porn, which is exactly what the Discover Season Two finale was. It's all been done. Other points of annoyance:

- Oh look, Noonian Soong had a son and he looks exactly like Brent Spiner. Unless it's revealed Soong's "son" is actually Lore, there's so much wrong here. He's not old enough to be Soong's son. There's been no character development there to explain why he's decided to throw in for genocide of the organics beyond that he's a Soong (that kind of lazy character development is what turned me against Voyager fast).

Alternatively, what if all these androids are built from a positron from Lore and Sojhi and Suhtra end up being the new Data/Lore dialectic. How can Sojhi be good if she was built from Lore? How can a Palpatine become a Sykwalker (I'm old enough to remember when Star Trek was the innovator in sci-fi, not the follower)?

- No one explained what the twin androids' mission(s) were on Earth and on the Borg cube. This is a not insignificant part of the plot arc that logically should've been explained 5 minutes after they got to the synth compound.

- Androids can do Vulcan mind melds. Bullshit.
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