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Originally Posted by KyleFreadrich43 View Post
Schenn - Lecavalier

Schenn reacts to Vinny's hit on Timonen, challenging him. Vinny accepts....starting off with 2 rights as Schenn returns a left, Schenn goes for Vinny's helmet and pops it off, he then throws 6-7 lefts, a couple of which land as Vinny ducks his head during the flurry and throws some blind rights that miss their target, but keep any more of Schenn's lefts from being effective....Schenn then grabs Lecavalier with both hands and pushes him backward getting him off balance, he then pulls Vinny forward and he goes down to the ice.

Win Schenn, again, like Neil/Crombeen, more active and a few landed, no damage done though.

I think Schenn using his left caught Lecavalier off guard and the rust from Vinny's lack of fighting in the last couple of years showed.

I would love for the Lightning to go after Kassian, I still believe a guy like him would be an asset to the team.
Regardless of whether Schenn "won" the fight, in this case I think it is safe to say it doesn't matter simply b/c the affect of Vinny fighting inspired the team and the corresponding results on the ice. Just my 2 cents but a fight isn't always about who lands more punches and in this case Vinny won b/c of the way the team played after the fight and more importantly the Bolts won on the scoreboard.
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