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Originally Posted by Puckhead View Post
Born in and grew up in Dearborn. I've had at least 10 Fords since HS and none have had transmission problems (I also worked inspection at the Livonia Transmission plant in the summers). And I have a 2013 Escape SE 4WD now with 92K--no trans problems.

"Sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers".
Oh, of course. Thanks, but see below and you decide.

I have had 1976 F150 manual ran the wheels off it
1982 Ford F150 auto OK - had 2 years and sold when I moved to FL
1999 Ford Escort manual New- 2 kids thru college, ran the wheels off it
1999 Ford Escort Auto - Tranny failed towed away $400
2006 Ford Escape XLT - 2 auto Trannys failed. For sale now
Daughter 2000 something Ford Explorer 5 auto trannys in and out- sold was very painful to watch that happen.
Daughter - Late 1990's Ford F150 - 1 auto tranny failed - sold ..they drive all chevy now.

So I have had my share of Fords. IMO...Fords auto trannys are junk.
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