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Originally Posted by LightningTdi View Post
Joe diGenova: Mueller wants Americans to believe Trump is a criminal and it's up to Congress to impeach him
How incredibly stupid does any Trumpster have to be to think this kind of a headline is good news for them? Oh noes, Tdi, deep burn! You mean Mueller came out and outright said what I told you the report you havenít read says? Damn, that stings!


And, sure, thereís legal disagreement over whether the current DOJ policy is correct regarding not indicting a sitting POTUS. The Independent Counsel in both the Nixon and Clinton cases both concluded a sitting POTUS could be indicted, constitutionally, but never made that challenge in court so the DOJ policy has stood. Mueller stated, outright, he accepted that policy as his guardrails and further laid out why he canít outright say heíd have indicted Trump were it not for the policy: because it gives no recourse to the accused to clear their name.

And no, Mueller didnít go an inch beyond his report regarding Trumpís potential criminality. Anyone who actually read the report would know Mueller was pretty much reciting from it word for word and, as 1,000+ prosecutors have already weighed in, based on the report Trump would be sitting in jail for obstruction today but for the office he holds and that DOJ policy.
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