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Originally Posted by Scobo_24 View Post

Any who, I sat in section 118 and the number of chic fans was disheartening. Not as bad as NYR but there was one idiot with a pole and a Blackhawk flag on it waiving it and trash talking the section. I get that you are a fan, but just go to the game and cheer; keep your mouth shut and show some respect when your a visitor. Also the amount of people walking in with CHI jerseys on and then seeing them put lightning stuff on was shocking. I heard it on the radio but I didn't think anyone coherently would do it. I saw at least 4 people in my section switch.
I can't believe the Lightning staff would let this guy bring in a pole to the game. They search you and swipe you down and empty your pockets yet he can bring in his pole and Blackhawks flag so he can taunt Lightning season ticket holders? Maybe he wore his Lightning sweater into the arena, then changed afterwards, the only thing I can think happened.
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