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Originally Posted by Flycoon View Post
Come on guys. I doubt there is anyone on this site as far left as me, but this issue is about nothing but anatomy and corresponding physical strength. Even in sports like golf and bowling where there is no physical contact men and women do not compete. The most adamant feminist might claim that it is because men are afraid to lose to women, but that is not true.

If you disagree, post proof. Chess, poker, and billiards not included, less of sport than bowling.
Nobody disagrees on that point. Where I draw exception is the idea that we need to draft rules that exclude anyone. If I want to spend hundreds of millions of my dollars fielding a team of physically inferior women, that is my choice.

Everyone deserves a shot. If a woman shows up to tryouts and is physically outmatched, she isn't making the team. No harm done. But to ban women from playing is saying that in the history of time there has and will never be a woman capable of playing at this level. Which is ludicrous.

If they want their leagues billed as featuring the top players in the world, you have to allow everyone in the world to make the team. Whether they actually make the team should be based solely on skill, not gender.
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