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Originally Posted by pete View Post
Hart was compared to Bill Guerin in his draft year. There's another guy who wasn't running around killing people, but he got his 30-30-60 and 125 PIMs most years.

Even a less physical guy like Freddy Modin who was a 25-25-50 and 50-60 PIMs a year guy created a lot of space for St. Louis over the years by physically occupying guys in and around the goal crease and doing work along the wall. Johan Franzen... somewhat similar type of player. These are the guys the Lightning are targeting. They want guys who are more like John LeClair or Modin or Franzen who legitimately help you win games even though they don't rip the faces off of guys.

Marian Hossa... who is the template for Panik... another prime example. Not a murderer but hard as hell to get off the puck and helps you win.
Guerin was a helluva hitter who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

Again though, with Modin, he WASN'T a "power forward", he was a big guy playing forward, THAT's what separates them. LeClair wasn't afraid to get dirty either, but he had help on the Legion of Doom, so you couldn't pay attention to just one of them.

To me, power forwards are players that do it ALL. Fight, score, skate, and hit. The Lightning had one of those in Malone, but he's made out of peanut brittle.
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