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Originally Posted by pete View Post
To which the international community can rightfully say: “We didn’t burn down the UN.”

It’s not talked about but HW Bush and the WWII generation had a faith in international institutions coming out of their experience from fighting in a real coalition to defeat fascism and aggression that had its high water mark in the first Iraq War. That his own son deuced on that model of cooperation remains one of the real head scratchers of this young century.
If you want to account for the existence of meaningful international cooperation, you have to go into our constitution and make wholesale changes. If we aren't willing to do that, than blaming our involvement with the U.N. is a moot point. As much as I wish it so, our inefficient government style doesn't leave a lot of room to be an international leader, because our governmental branches are never on the same page.
If no government system will guarantee a utopia, then our best choice is to look for the least exploitive one