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Originally Posted by pete View Post
He has zero credibility after folding like a cheap tent for the $1T+ deficit bonanza that was the fat cat/corporate tax giveaway.

And, no, there’s nowhere near the amount of ludicrous growth that would be necessary to offset that massive exemplar of weapons grade hypocrisy.
This. Although cutting the corporate tax rate was necessary, cutting upper individual rates, where the real damage has been done, was not. And they coupled that with a moronic trade policy/trade war stance which has acted as a tax increase on a consumer class which is acting as a drag on the economy has made things worse on the middle and lower classes.

I'm old enough to remember when revenue-neutral was a thing. Because it was three fucking years ago.

Republicans can kiss my out of shape ass with their fiscal responsibility horse shit. Because that's all it is. Go shovel that shit somewhere else, because I'm sick of smelling it. Rand Paul included.
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