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The farce we are currently experiencing, as I understand it (and I could easily be misunderstanding it), is that the last forty years have seen little other than supply-side economics, of which the marginal returns have continued to shrink; however, it is ingrained Republican orthodoxy, so even though the returns are now minimal, they keep going back to that well, because they don't have the imagination to try another path. They look down their noses at millennials who are getting caught with the short straw, while claiming our bare assed emperor is wearing the finest clothes. It's no longer sustainable (if it ever was), as is evidenced by the newly blown 1T budget deficits.
It's not just Republican orthodoxy. They aren't the only ones looking down their noses. The Republicans hold millennials and pretty much everyone not in their death cult with contempt. The Boomer Neo-Liberals from the Clinton Third Way do almost the same but expect undying loyalty regardless.
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