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ill complain for a sec and beat the dead horse.

*Tampa scored 4 goals in the 2nd and takes lead*
NBC in the intermission "Caps down by a goal" *while showing oshi goal

Don't wish anyone to be hurt but Kempny got what he deserved. Straight up crosschecked Pacqu in the face and got lit up for it. How we got a penalty on that is par for the course though.
criticizes the leading scorer in the NHL on a team that has already secured the President's trophy for not passing on a play and that we would have already won. They consistently complained about too much passing then not enough passing. Its as if we havent averaged over 4 goals a game all season.
Anyone keep an eye on him when the screen is panning away from the play? he flies his stick around and swings at people. That's why McDonagh went after him at the ned of the shift in the 3rd. He got checked and straight up swung at the back of Mcdonagh with the puck going down the ice. The hitting in the head of Cernak with his stick... Its comical with his reputation how the league doesnt pick up on all this. He is going to end someones career.

it doesn't even upset me anymore. I almost expect to have to outwork every team, the officiating, and the media every game.

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