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Originally Posted by ZeykShade View Post

Also, Pete sells his bullshit plan as "not sending millionaire's kids to college for free" and "not everyone wants a college education". The problem with his bullshit is, he expects you to not read Bernie's plan and see it also covers JuCos and Trade Schools.

He also doesn't want you to realize that his plan excludes all families making $100k a year or more, not just millionaires. So, if you and your partner are teachers, your kids can't go to college/trade schools for free tuition.
So you are ok with raising the taxes of lower income individuals so that persons at 180% of median can send their kids to college for free?

$100,000 in California isn’t the same as $100,000 in Florida. Wouldn’t it be fairer to means test on percentage of median income in the area?
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