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Originally Posted by Maverick9911 View Post
And one of the videos taken by a representative on that tour showed the place as being spotless. Was it over crowded? That depends on who is interpreting "over crowded".

The conditions in the video looked like the place was very clean. And the conditions these people are living in has to be far better that what they had left and the conditions along the journey they traveled.

You can go into the "University Area" in North Tampa and find 30-40 Hispanic males living in a 1 bedroom apartment. This is no joke. I have seen many live this way. When you ask them about the conditions and living in a small confined quarters most will tell you if was much worse than where they came from.

And it is too bad that AOC did not elect to take the tour. She would had learned that those drinking from toilets just was not true. She would had seen that they are using the same equipment that many jails throughout the U.S. use. It is made from stainless steel with a toilets bowl combined with a sink that sits approx. 2 feet above the bowl. They have separate water connects. This type of system is used in order to save space. This system has been used for years without complaints.

It is becoming clearer everyday that the left does not want to give and inch to this President and will do anything, including allowing our citizens take a hit, as long as the President takes a hit.

We are now calling fencing used to separate sections of a room as "cages". Well I guess many of us have caged in our homes with that as the definition .