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I didn't think there was a border crisis. I stand corrected.

While I don't think a wall is going to do much to mitigate it, and is a colossal waste of money, clearly resources need to be allocated to care for and process these people and either admit them into the country, or return them to their country of origin. If they are indeed asylum seekers from Central/South America, then they should be admitted, as is our historical position, as far as I understand it. If they are trying to do an end around on our legal immigration system, they should be informed of the proper channels and returned to their country of origin. If they are migrants looking for work, I would think they should get migrant worker permits and be admitted.

It would seem the current status quo is untenable.

I'm interested to know how the Democrats would like to deal with the issue, as Trump's solutions look barbarous and against the spirit, if not the letter, of the law.
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