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Our goal differential is stunning this season something like 306 GF and 206 GA for 100 Diff. We are #1 and it shows.

Carolina has the same GA at 206 as us.
They are a wild card last I looked.
The Isles are a stingy 184 GA. Diff 28
Dallas 188 GA ...their Diff 5
Boston 194 GA Diff 43
Currently all the above playoff teams.

We are amazing offensively, just... good... defensively.
I see a trend I don't like..,..and like I said before its just not the last game.
Vasi and Dom have been outstanding.

So, what I am worried about is like I posted before, average team forechecks the heck out of us and keeps our guns playing in our end of the ice.
They get a timely goal or two, and suddenly you got a series when on paper they have no business hanging with us.
Tighten up the slot coverage, and if you have to make a choice, let them have the corners and walls if necessary but not the slot.
Scott Stevens and others made a living defending his turf.
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