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Originally Posted by TexasBolt View Post
That's where I am at this point. It's callous and I sound like a bandwagoner but I have no problems leaving this team behind until the FUCKING MANIACS in charge are all gone. I'm not going to sit here and try and talk myself into "oh, trading Vinny wouldn't be so bad!" Not happening. It would be an absolute fiasco and a debacle that would destroy the fan base and might kill the franchise altogether.

Again, for emphasis: fucking maniacs.

And keeping Vinny and that huge contract makes this team better HOW.

Where are the DEEP POCKETS,most said $$$$ was No Problem.

BTW,Just what was the purpose of the trip to NY,What changed ?

The only thing I see they did was to embarrass themselfs,the team,and it's fan's.

SNAFU,You think?
If you are not behind our Troops,please feel free to stand in front of them
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