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Ok, enough is enough.

Without giving away what I do, or who I do it for...I have to to say this. I was fortunate enough to be around the team last year, and was at 99 percent of the games and 90 percent of the practices when the team was at home. As someone who was in the locker room for morning skates, and postgames, I will say that I NEVER once saw Duemig. times. Never talked to any one player, never made an appearance for appearances sake. To take it a step further...I saw someone from the station he works for at maybe 10 percent of the games. (And before someone says that someone was there getting sound can subscribe to services to get that stuff without actually paying someone to go to the games. Woo bean counters.. I digress)

The reason I bring this up is because I really dont know how he could have any inside info on anything that goes on with this team, first of all. Second of all, what ever happened to that thing called journalistic integrity? The fact that the team is paying for him to go completly blows my mind. As far as the **** he tried to pass as knowledge today, take it with a serious grain of salt. Trust me on that one.
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