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Originally Posted by Scobo_24 View Post
I think we are way too aggressive on the PK. Maybe that works great when everyone is in sync but just look at the PP goals. There are people sliding all over the place coming from out of position and then teams tic tac toe around and its usually a 1on1 shot against Vasy. Maybe go back to the basics and just protect the middle of the ice.

I for the most part don't think they played horribly last night. It was one of those games where every single bounce went against us. The first goal Sergachev was blatantly tripped that led to the odd man. and just look at each of the other goals; awkward deflections that went exactly where the needed to. Couple that with us hitting the post 3 or 4 times. The pk on the other hand was and still is horrid.

Side note; I cant believe CAR gave up 5 straight goals to blow their 4-1 lead on the Bruins.
Vasy is not sharp. He has played too many games and the mental/physical strain is showing. He's never played this many games. We are in a heap of do if he can't be the early season version of near perfect in the playoffs. His recent barely above the 900 save percentage and 3.6ish goals a game will get us an early exit.
I doubt the staff has a clue in what is going on and how to deal with it. Compounded with the atrocious PK we have had all year. Poor positioning, providing screens to your own goalie, inability to clear the puck - there is little that has been good.
They need some coaching from someone, someplace, somewhere to address that issue. Good luck with all of those coming to fruition. We are on the periphery of being good for the playoffs. Lot's of hopium going on here.

On the side note - Boston is a better team imo and if they are healthy come the playoffs they will probably get to the Cup finals. Also, they too have a bunch of young kids like the Point's and Gourde's playing some really great hockey for them. IMO Better coaching, goalie use (depth of a real #2 sure helps them), Probably the best line in hockey for the 100% game, D, O and special teams in Bergeron, Marchand and Pasternak. They control the play of the game and can actually win faceoffs. For us the question will be their health. If healthy they win in 6 if not maybe we can squeeze out a "win" in a series against them.

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