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Originally Posted by Donnie D View Post
A 20 year old wearing fatigues and body armor, heavily armed with more than a hundred rounds of ammo and videoing himself walked into a Missouri WalMart. He was detained by an off duty firefighter.

Yet he apparently did nothing illegal. The open carrying of firearms is legal in Missouri, as long as the weapon is not displayed in a threatening manner, according to the National Rifle Associationís website.

He had recently posted a statement that he felt the Walmart policy of not selling bullets to persons under 21 was stupid given that he could walk into a store carrying a gun.
Did it within the immediate aftermath of two mass shootings. For no other purpose other than to prove he could. I get being a contrarian, and I get the middle finger to the masses, but kid has way more balls than sense.

This is where someone (parent) with more sense than this dipshit should pull him aside and let him know that this is the type of stupid shit that will get open carry revoked. Because it goes 100% against the responsible gun owner narrative that is the critical argument used to support open carry laws.
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