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Pronman had Foote #80, although he now concedes he probably had him too low. Fits current team since the univesal knock on him is his lack of ability to get his feet going to get his own open shot. Has a hammer and is big, but so did we hope for Erne??? not sure on this pick, not sold and not sure where he belongs to hone his skills. Cannot argue pedigree or family ties. Totally not sure and not down nor hopeful for this kid.

" Team Fit: In Foote, the Bolts get a big winger who can score goals. Heís a player I thought about a lot in the past two weeks as teams were mildly critical of my draft ranking (No. 80 on my board), and Iím open to the fact I was a little low on him. He provides a goal-scoring element up front that the Bolts donít really have in their current crop of forward prospects. I like his hockey sense, but his skating worried some teams."
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