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Originally Posted by KuchieMonster View Post
He got rid of bad contracts and added many of his own bad contracts. Killorn, Callahan and Miller are bad contracts. We need to bring in Karlsson and figure out who needs to go to get it done. The only untouchables for me are Hedman and Point. Probably Vasy too. Kuch is my guy but he has done nothing the last 3 playoff series.
Miller isn't a bad contract. It can be moved pretty easily as it doesn't have a NTC. Killorn isn't a horrible contract to be honest. 4.45m AAV isn't god awful, it's not great as it has a modified NTC. Callahan's is the worst of the 3 you mentioned.

We're still paying on one of his worst signings, Matt Carle.

Tyler Johnson with the FULL NTC is pretty bad as well given how much of a shell he is. He had 29 goals this season and I swear they were the most forgettable garbage goals of anyone on the team. He used to just dominate with gas on teams, now he's a soft small perimeter winger because Center is just too hard for him. He's a top 6 player because he's not hard enough to play 3rd line wing and check. The price isn't bad, but the NTC and duration are terrible. My hope is that he accepts a trade to Seattle so he can go back to his home state and play.

Palat is spent. NTC on his contract as well. There is no way he's worth 5.3m AAV. Not any fault of his other than his body simply is broken. Heart still there, the body can't get him to the fight as frequently as it used to.

This is the kind of thing I'm excited about and all of us on a prospects forum should be excited about. We'll get to see if Foote/Masin/Katchouk/Raddysh/ABB/Stephens can push some people out. I encourage the $25 fee to watch the playoffs for the AHL if you can. Foote is gonna be a long term RHD for this organization at the NHL level. He's grown this season with call-ups making room for him to get bigger minutes and expanded responsibilities and utilization in the AHL. Masin is, to me, like Cernak with a little less offensive upside. A solid bottom 4 D on the Left Side that you can forget about for 16-20min a night as he won't do anything other than exactly what needs to be done in all defensive situations. Need a road grader? On it. Need a shot block? On it. Need a battler on the wall(unlike Sergy)? On it. He's basically a Coburn type, only younger. Likely doesn't skate as well as Coburn did in his youth and still exhibits from time to time, but his skating isn't poor.

Again, best thing about sports. There's always next year. Unless you're the Thrashers or Turds fan and the team is in jeopardy of being moved.
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