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Originally Posted by Lomeister View Post
Maybe this is a dumb question, but when does an Admirals topic go under one section versus the other?
There was a time when the Admirals own fan site was down and BP provided their fans with some space to talk among themselves about their team. BP created the East Brambleton forum for them. The Ads fan site is back up and running and so East Brambleton is probably no longer needed. In the early days after their fan site went offline, it was unknown whether it would come back or not. East Brambleton would have been a separately moderated space for those guys if they needed to squat here. It never really got that far.

The Farm was and always has been the forum that Bolts fans talk about prospects in the system. It preceded East Brambleton forum.

It's confusing. I should hide the East Brambleton forum...
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