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Originally Posted by timothy View Post
Don't think he's staying. He's Syracuse bound.

EE is speculating that Hall wasn't a player Yzerman wanted, but more of the "cost" of taking Bergeron off our hands. Haven't counted their contracts, but CAR might have needed to clear a player to get a player. Maybe they were planning on waiving him anyway (at which point TBL would have first dibs on reclaiming him and a free assignment to Syracuse), but it cost the club $$ to file a waiver with the NHL office. EE speculates the 7th rounder was a "tip" for all the paperwork.

Basically... Bergeron has practically no trade value.

Hall and MAB don't have a place on this team with all of the young guys and no future next year either. Carolina needs D after all of the injuries. To me this was Yzerman clearing a little money through the rest of the year for a guy who wasn't going to see the ice, and obviously with Hall coming back it was either Carolina needing to clear a player to stay under 50 or clear some $ for whatever reason. The fact we waived Hall means he was a "must send" from Carolina's perspective and if he would have cleared he was Cuse bound to be a vet presence.
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