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To potentially solve the goaltending issues they've been having for the next 4-5 years? Hell yes. Where do I sign? Miller's only 32.
This. Even if he's not Luongo, still you build from the net out. It's a foundational cornerstone axiom and a longstanding cliché with good reason.

Anyone believing a solid #1 G is optional, isn't the trickiest thing to acquire or that this team's #1 most acute need is not [still and always] in the crease isn't paying very close attention IMHO. The D needs to improve 2B sure, but D can't take the place of a competent, reliable G...even if your D plays perfect positioning, fights well and keeps the choicest scoring areas clear, the G still has to make the expected saves on the attempts from bad (often ridiculous) angles, the unscreened and far-away shots that our Gs do not--never mind headstanding and stealing you the important game in the clutch when it's all on the line, that's more like a guaranteed GA at this point.

Again, O SFY, we supplicate, hear our urgent plea...go get a G
and sign him up
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