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Default New jerseys next season?

From PD:

Tampa Bay Lightning

Finally, this one is rather interesting, if only because the Lightning motif offers so many chances for a home run or strike out. From Icethetics, on new home and away sweaters:

"This is news to me and while I never thought Tampa Bay's jerseys were perfect, I am surprised to hear they're changing them again after just four seasons. My guess is it has to do with the new management team. So, changes all around in the Sunshine State.

Frankly, I like the Reebok Edge uniforms better than what the Bolts wore previously. The blue is brighter and the stripes aren't quite so boring. If your team name is Lightning, you can really afford to not have bland sweater designs."


I really like the current home and away jerseys, though they are a bit bland with nothing on the bottom. What do you think is coming? Just a logo change? Total overhaul?
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