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So it's been a long time since this thread lived, but the story is too crazy to not bring up. Apparently jon jones has tested positive for traces of something he tested positive for a year ago. They say it is at levels consistent with what would be in his system from taking it a year ago, but Nevada said they wont sanction him to fight. So 6 days before the event, instead of replacing him like they usually do, they are moving the whole event to la (california said they will sanction). Fans have lost their mind (people from all over the globe are flying in for this event). Fans are getting ticket refunds, and tlno promise of tickets in la. Keep in mind the ufc only gives fighters 2 flights (they have 3 corner men on top of family) and one hotel room, so the extra costs will be paid for by the fighters. Also, some fighters are finding out during travel from the internet as the ufc did not contact them. Ufc just keeps looking worse and worse.
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