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Originally Posted by pete View Post
My thought is Frantz Jean probably isn't the inflexible, Napoleonic figure he's been cast as and that the weaknesses in Bishop's game are still there but are being partly masked by the successful implementation of Cooper's system.

I've always thought, since we first got him, Bishop is a lot like Marty Brodeur in that they share the same weaknesses: odd man rushes and longer shots. If you implement a system like Cooper has that eliminates the odd man rushes and blocks a lot of the longer shots, now you force teams to defeat Bishop's strength, which is that he's extremely good down low because of his size and positioning. Brodeur's the same way. He's always been frustratingly excellent in tight.
I'm hoping that Jean is flexable and has studied Bishop to learn his strong points and bad points and has the sense to let him know when his mechanics are off.

I happen to like his stick handling of the puck as it keeps the fore checkers honest and does not allow them to get deep. It makes the opponent wonder "what will he do".
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